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COIMA Image @ “Framing Sustainability”

Several images from the “Framing Sustainability” talk, promoted by Arper and Kvadrat, in which Gianmarco Bocchiola took part, representing the viewpoint of COIMA Image.

The conversation, moderated by journalist Laura Traldi, provided us with the opportunity to delve into our ESG policies and our approach to sustainability. Significant importance is placed on the search for virtuous companies to engage with, right from the outset of each project, within our sustainability strategy.

In regard to the importance of the partnership, Gianmarco Bocchiola expressed these words:

“It’s all about relationship and trust. We build long term relationships with our partners and suppliers. This means we learn how they operate; we visit their factories; we check their globally recognized green certification, and stay up to date when thy launch new products. In this way, we single out companies that truly focus on Sustainability from those who don’t”


Gianmarco Bocchiola, Partner di COIMA Image

Philine Kriependorf, Head of Sustainability di Kvadrat

Andrea Mulloni, Head of Sustainability di Arper

Ph: Luca Laversa