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REVO Insurance

REVO Insurance’s new offices inside the iconic Monterosa 91 building were designed by COIMA Image to provide a versatile, comfortable, and natural light-oriented environment. The workspace was designed as a large open space, featuring a design that integrates operational, formal areas, and areas for relax and meeting, to encourage new ways of working.

The reference to Renzo Piano’s design is reflected in the interior design through the extensive use of glass walls, both in the meeting rooms and in the glass partitions, which accentuate the natural lighting. The larger meeting rooms are positioned along the façade, while the central support areas are free-standing elements that encourage the diffusion of light and create a fluid, dynamic and connected environment.

The custom-built work café, located near the entrance, is designed to accommodate both employees and clients and to be used throughout the day. The presence of nature makes the work environment comfortable.


/ Client
REVO Insurance
/ Location
/ Services
Space Planning
Interior design
/ Typology
/ Area
2.000 sqm
/ Year
/ PH
Vito Corvasce